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To meet a Filipina is not a problem anymore in the world, where high technologies are available to almost all people. You may fly to the Philippines islands easily on a weekend or a month and meet their traditional Filipina girlfriends. Or you can work together with a Filipino woman, who found a job abroad. Or you may know a guy, who is dating a Filipina and looks rather happy. In this article, you’ll learn some myths and truth on why do Filipina dates foreigners.

Although, the most popular way of dating a girl from the Philippines is just to apply the correct reliable dating site, which provides matrimonial services for singles located in Filipina cities. You may be surprised by the fact of how easy is it to get a Filipina woman applying online marriage agencies and how opened to serious relationships leading to wedding these ladies are.

FiIipino Women Profiles

Maya 29 y.o.
Xia 33 y.o.
Linh 28 y.o.
Jasmine 35 y.o.
Reyna 27 y.o.
Gloria 31 y.o.

Positive Traits of Filipina Bride

Why do men from any part of the world like Filipina women is obvious in most cases, but let’s try to summarize:

Often Filipina looking for American husband as well as Canadian, European, and Australian.

And they have lots of other positive traits. At the same time, those, who desire to meet a Filipina or have already met her, may ask the question of why do Filipinas marry foreigners? To understands these girls and find out why they are so interested in marriage below you may find facts about their motherland, myths and truth about their motivation and best dating platforms to meet a serious Filipina bride to marry.

Filipina Dating Culture

Economic Factors

The Philippines is a country of contrasts. It has big, economically developed cities as Quezon, Manila, Davao, and Cebu with developed infrastructure, business, and industry. At the same time, there are still lots of villages, which are far away from the objects of infrastructure. Hence, the population of these villages does not have other things to do except for being busy in the agricultural sphere. These people are poor and do not have access to all benefits, which are available in big cities.

Thus, speaking about Filipina girls dating motivation, you should consider some facts except for traits inherent to their cultures, such as location, and relationships in the family. Of course, some of them see in foreigners the chance to escape from poverty by dating a stable foreigner, who will protect from any of the issues, including financial, and help their families. But some Filipinas have good jobs and a wide worldview and just like the western men mentality.

Education and Intelligence

In spite of the huge difference between developed cities and small villages, more than 90% of people from the Philippines are educated, including women. In fact, women here are very intelligent and one of the best proves to this is their female former president Corazon C. Aquino, which led the country for almost ten years. Anyway, the desire of ladies from the Philippines to live in a developed country in love with an intelligent foreigner is understandable and explains why do Philippine women seeking American men.

Social Sphere and Legislation

What else is important to know is that Filipino women strictly follow the law, which forbids divorces and abortions. It is hard and very judgmental to define is it good or bad. Nevertheless, the fact is that Filipino ladies do not have choice and freedom regarding their family life and their bodies, which affects their desire to find a foreigner and marry him.

Filipino Singles in the USA are Interested in Marriage Americans

From some of the above-mentioned facts, you may be noticed that Filipina women are not only intelligent but also ambitious and self-confident. Some of them go to the USA to get an education in one of the reputable universities and to build a carrier further. So there is nothing special when you see in the USA a Filipina dating American man without matter did they met online via a dating site or offline in the café or at work.

Myths about Philippine Women Looking for American Men

The most common motivation and reasons inherent to Filipina women to find a foreigner via dating services have been described above. But there are still lots of myths and alarms about dating Filipino American men. Let’s try to name them and show they are just myths and there should not be worries regarding online dating with beautiful ladies from the Philippines.

They Need American or European Visa/Passport

The visa or passport is not the main aim of brides from the Philippines. Actually, they have the ability to travel anywhere with their passports or get a working or education visa. So if you are communicating with a beautiful exotic lady, you can be sure the reasons are not in documents.

They Just Need a Rich Old Man

Another common myth, which is actually can be applied to any lady registered at online marriage agencies. In fact, without lies, some ladies are really seeking a rich husband to resolve personal issues. But these ladies can also be from Slavic, European, and other Asian Countries. And these traits belong mainly to conscience, but not the nation, location or background.

Marrying a Female from the Philippines You’ll Support her Family Financially

Here are the same arguments regarding girls, who are looking for money more, than for love. It can happen with any man dating any girl. But it is not the same case for every Filipina woman.

Where Can Foreigner Meet Filipina?

If you are a foreigner looking for Filipina to marry, but who do not have them in a close circle, you may know the most effective way is to apply online dating sites. Using reliable marriage agencies, you can be sure your data and rights are protected, no scam and fraud are allowed, and highly professional services are provided. Women from the Philippines are certainly worthy of attention and used to be good wives to foreigners.

Choosing the Right Dating Site

If you already tried to enter something like “Filipina dating site for foreigner” in the search bar of your browser, you saw how many options your search system returned to you in a couple of moments. So the issue of choosing the right dating platform is common. Especially if you take into account that “the right” term means different for different men.

Extensive Database of Users

The first thing you should do is make a list of the crucial requirements for the site you would like to use to date, attractive Filipina girls. If you already made a decision to perform your search among Filipina beauties, who are ready to create a strong relationship with a foreigner, you will be able to specify your expectations in such a list. Bullet points in this list can change from man to man, but here are a few of them that should be common.

Positive Reputation

The service should have a well-proven reputation. Foreigner men that use Filipina dating sites and marriage agencies are usually from western countries with a well-developed sphere of services, where quality and reputation matters. If you’re such a foreigner man type, you would not like to try to find your love via dating sites with a low level of services’ quality and a bad reputation. To check it out you can perform a quick research on the internet and find at least a couple of reviews on the Filipina dating site you potentially interested in.

Safe Dating Environment

The environment the site provides you with should be totally safe. As much as foreigner men worry about the reputation of the product they would like to use, as much or even more they worry about their safety. It is not a secret that many dating platforms providing their members with marital service, including those focused on Filipina brides, have not a good enough safety system. In such a case, scammers can create an account there, upload fake photos in profile and write foreigner men to ask to send money and gifts. So be careful and check, did the Filipina dating site that you would like to use implement all the necessary protection tools? And were all profiles appropriately verified and legit?

Attractive Design

The website’s design and navigation should be intuitively understandable. When you use the dating service, you would like to spend all of your time communicating with beautiful Filipina brides, but not to figure out how features work. The easy interface of dating sites helps you to meet your love on the site faster. Yes, it will take some time to check out all of the bullet points from your list, but do not be too lazy to skip some of them. Because as good research you will do now, as fast you will get a successful result in the future. And when the successful result is a happy marriage with your beautiful Filipina soulmate, it is worth it to make your best.

Registering on Filipina Dating Platform

You will be glad to know this step will be much faster and easier than the process of choosing the right site. Usually, the signup process for foreigner men on Filipina dating sites is simple and fast. It includes a brief standard questionnaire form with up to ten questions, so it will not take more than just a couple of minutes of your time to answer all of them.

And what you will be even more glad to know, usually, registration on such websites is free. Moreover, you may even have some limited free trial period there. It provides you with an opportunity to check all the site features before you will need to prepay membership there.

Communicating with Filipina Brides on Dating Sites

Usually, Filipina dating websites provide you with a few communication channels, so you can use all of them or just choose the one you prefer the most. The list of these channels may include the following:


Suits to those foreigner men who have romantic heart and soul


Suits to those foreigner men who prefer dynamic communication


Phone or video call with an interpreter that website will provide you with to fight the language barrier

Personal Meeting

A personal meeting in the Philippines when you and your Filipina bride will be ready for it. An interpreter will be also provided by the website.


If you feel your future wife is waiting for you somewhere in the Philippines islands because you are interested in women from this country because of all of the features mentioned in the article above, you should check out international online dating platforms that cover the Philippines.

There are no objective reasons for foreigner men to worry about using dating sites with Filipina ladies and marriage agencies that provide marital services if they choose those having a well-proven reputation. So take your time to check whether the service meets all of your requirements and expectations. And when you find the right one, start the search of your true love there and who knows how soon you will make a marriage proposal for one of Filipina women.

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