Filipino American Marriage Success Rate

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As many people claim, the Filipino American marriage success rate is excellent. The main criteria for such a positive result are several factors, such as the excellent financial situation of men, experience, age, and the desire to create strong families. From the Filipina side, it is beauty, youth, and the desire to marry Americans. Also, Americans and Filipinas have a rich history of coexistence, as the Philippines has long been an American colony. Thanks to this, local singles are fluent in English, have a similar mentality, and even distant relatives in the United States. Filipina immigrants even have a name – Pinay. It is also worth noting that it is easier for Americans to marry Pinay since they are already in the US successfully.

Divorce Rate in the Philippines

The Philippines is the only UN country that does not have legal divorce provisions. Anyone who wishes to end the relationship can end the marriage. The country’s civil code applies to all citizens, even those who live in other countries. Therefore, those marriages that are dissolved outside the Philippines will be invalidated. If, for example, marrying a Filipina in the US and then her spouse wants to divorce, a Filipina lady can remarry in accordance with Philippine law, even if the spouse is an American who acquired foreign citizenship after marriage. According to a 2017 online poll by Social Weather Stations (SWS), 53% of Filipinas agreed to legalize divorce, while 32% are in favor of banning it. Rodrigo Duterte – President of the country, opposes the legalization of divorce.

Filipino girl with a magic glance

Why Do Americans Marry Filipinas?

Americans marry Filipinas because they are naturally beautiful, loyal, and excellent wives and mothers. According to statistics, Philippine divorce rate is critically low, which is why Americans to think Filipinas are great for the role of wives.

Natural Beauty

Filipinas are charming and pretty, so they do not need additional “tuning”. Filipinas use almost no makeup when on a date, and their clothes are simple and elegant. Filipinas have natural bronze skin due to the local climate, where the average annual temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. They also take care of their skin with natural creams made from coconut, papaya, and lime, so they always look younger than they are. Filipinas, since they live in an island country, are very fond of swimming in the sea, which also has a great effect on their fitness and excellent health.

Like most Asian women, Filipina girlfriends are short. They are graceful and fragile, which drives millions of men crazy. Thanks to the long history of Spanish-American colonization, facial features have become so good that tourists from all over the world come to admire them. Especially impressive are the cut of the eyes, a small and neat nose, resinous black shiny hair, snow-white teeth, and bright smile. If you make observations and look at the results of the largest beauty contests, then the most beautiful girls on the planet are residents of the Philippines. They own the crowns Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth, and Miss Supranational. Take Megan Young, for example, who is “implicated” in the blood of an American and a Filipina. Megan is known as a model, actress, and TV presenter, and looking at her, it becomes obvious why Filipinas are so desirable.

Great Wives

Filipinas are certainly stunningly beautiful, but they also have great wives. Many Western men dream of marrying Filipinas. It is also interesting that local girls are also not averse to marrying a white-skinned foreigner, and they are not afraid of the groom’s financial problems or his age. What is the secret of these women that makes them so desirable for most men? They are obedient and non-conflicting, which is very valuable for family relationships. Unlike most Western girls who think only of themselves, Filipinas still believe that a man is the head of the family and his word is the law. Such a woman will become a perfect wife who will respect her husband and love him forever. It is also worth noting that Filipinas value relationships and therefore are always loyal to their spouses.

How to Bring Your Filipina Bride to The US

Filipina girls who plan to marry an American and move to live in their homeland can leave the country on a bride visa. Such a visa is issued on the condition that the groom is an American citizen and not a green cardholder. In the latter case, he will not be able to send an invitation for a K-1 visa. Both future spouses must provide evidence that they kept in touch and saw each other in person for the previous two years. This type of visa is not an immigration one, therefore, it is allowed to stay in the United States for up to 90 days and in the future apply for a green card. If a Filipina bride marries within 3 months, she will be able to apply for conditional permanent resident status.

A bride’s visa to America does not require proof of strong ties with the homeland. On the contrary, the seriousness of the intentions to marry an American citizen should be proved, and it is allowed to voice the desire to stay and live in the United States forever. In a couple, both must be of legal age (21 years old) and unmarried. Also, future spouses must be in a long-term relationship – 2 or more years, which can be proved (correspondence, photographs, information of acquaintances). For all the time, you need to meet at least once with the groom in person in one of the countries of the couple. Getting a bride visa to the United States is not easy. You need to collect the necessary documents, up to the correspondence that you want to provide as confirmation of communication with a potential future husband.

Features of Filipinas That Americans Like

Filipina girls are different from American women. They are petite, exotic in appearance, and sexually enigmatic. According to experts, female body language, eye contact, and pheromones are very important for the stronger sex, which is why Filipinas are so attractive to men from different countries, including Americans. Here is a list of 5 parameters that make them special.

Voice Intonation and Manner of Communication

Without a doubt, a person’s voice is his calling card. However, manner and style of communication, jargon, and vocabulary are also paramount. Filipinas are attracted to men with clear and feminine intonation. It’s no secret that Asians, including Filipinas, have childish voices, which many men find sexy. On the other hand, men also tend to show more interest in Filipina singles because they have a rich vocabulary and little to no accent.

Body Type

Many American men love short, fragile, and tender girls, Filipinas are just that. Next to such a gentle person, every man feels like a hero, able to protect his beloved. Clinical psychologists have concluded that men are mainly attracted to long-legged girls. However, this feature has nothing to do with the height of a woman, as there are short women with long legs. Therefore, Filipinas often wear high heels, which is pretty damn sexy.


As a rule, mature men who are 40-50 years old are looking for, according to women aged 20 to 30 years, since this period is ideal for conception. In turn, many young Filipinas are looking for successful adult husbands. Therefore, such American-Filipina marriages are often durable and have a low divorce rate.


A separate topic is the eyes of Filipina ladies. These beautiful girls are of Spanish, American, and local blood. Therefore, in contrast to the typical Asian appearance, these girls have more European large eyes, with an exotic shade.


Smell plays an important role in the emergence of sympathy because it is by the smell that you can find a person who suits like a soul mate. Guys love to inhale girlish scents because they smell fresh and light, and sometimes men lack this so much. A good-smelling girl instantly attracts attention and arouses genuine sympathy and interest. Filipinas practically do not use cosmetics, only natural creams, so they attract thanks to their naturalness.

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To conclude this review, it is worth noting that American-Filipina marriages are generally happy and long-lasting. This is due to several factors, such as a similar mentality, common interests, life values, and a desire to create strong relationships and find love.


Is it Better to Get Married in the Us or Philippines?

It depends on your needs and your plans for the future with your soulmate. Many people ask the question where is it better to get married in the Philippines or the USA. This question is subjective and different options are suitable for everyone. But it is worth noting that if you want to get married faster and cheaper, then it is better to get married in the Philippines. If you plan to live in the United States, then it is better to get married in this country.

Is Philippine Marriage Recognized in the US?

All marriages that are legally contracted, including overseas, are legal in the United States. You can inquire about the authenticity of the marriage with the appropriate authorities.

Can You Divorce in the US If You Married in the Philippines?

A divorce that has been committed in the United States will be recognized in another country based on the principles of reciprocity. Of course, there are nuances, so you can contact lawyers who will give you expert advice on this matter.