Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dating Filipina Girls

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If you ever wondered what it would feel like to meet your love among exotic chicks of the Eastern hemisphere and fantasized about dating a Filipina woman, this is the article for you. Unfortunately, a lot of singles base their fantasies entirely off the looks of stunning Filipina girls. However, a Filipina woman has so much more to her to wow a male than just her unusual and alluring appearance.

This article is going to explore the peculiarities of dating a Filipina girl, what to expect from a woman from the Philippines as well as how to connect with a Filipino woman to build strong and long-lasting relationships.

FiIipino Women Profiles

Maya 29 y.o.
Xia 33 y.o.
Linh 28 y.o.
Jasmine 35 y.o.
Reyna 27 y.o.
Gloria 31 y.o.

What Are Filipina Girls Like?

If you looked up ‘dating a Filipina woman’ and stumbled across this article online, you probably already know that girls from the Philippines are stunning. However, is it everything they got to them? Of course not! There are a lot of other perks of dating a Filipina woman other than their outstanding beauty.

Hence, it is only natural that the first question this article needs to settle is what dating a Filipina be like really. Therefore, we are going to have a closer look at the traits intrinsic to a woman from the Philippines.

However, before this article delves any deeper into exploring the reasons to date a Filipina woman, it is important to make sure we are all on the same page. It is a known fact that women take pride in their uniqueness – they prosper in their traits.

That being said, almost every Filipina woman can boast of having the following traits.

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They Are Absolutely Stunning

The first feature that does not need any explanation is the looks of a Filipina woman. These chicks are smoking hot. Their exotic looks have mesmerized a lot of men from around the world. These girls are:

On top of that, Filipina females are almost always very slim and toned. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the beauty standards of the country dictate the looks a woman should embrace. Secondly, the diet of a Filipina woman is quite balanced and consists mainly of fruit and meat.

These Ladies Have Strong Morals And Are Traditional

Despite being very adventurous and open-minded, Filipina girlfriends are quite traditional when it comes to relationships and marriage. They are not the type to indulge in casual dating and believe in true love.

However, if your intentions are pure and serious, you can expect your Filipina woman to be a real treasure. They make great mothers and wives as they prioritize family over anything. This habit comes from an early age as from the very childhood future Filipina brides are taught to take care of their loved ones.

Girlfriends From The Philippines Are Great Homemakers

Another thing you can expect your Filipina woman to be is a homemaker. These girls are extremely good at keeping the house homely, clean, and welcoming. As little girls, they help their mothers to do the house chores, so when they grow up, they have absolutely no problem taking care of the house. In fact, unlike their western female counterparts, they are not against the idea of being a stay-at-home mom and have the husband take the role of the breadwinner.

At the same time, the woman is expected to bring up kids, clean, and cook! Speaking of cooking, it is a normal occurrence for the woman to cook homemade meals every day, so no more frozen pizzas!

They Are Funny And Easy To Talk To

You will never be bored around a Filipina woman. These girls are very funny; they have a great sense of humor and can handle a good joke the same way they can crack one themselves. It is a pleasure to have them around!

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How To Get A Filipina Woman?

Now that you are aware of how cool your Filipina date can be, it is only logical you want to meet your love among these gorgeous women immediately! Just a couple of decades ago, I would claim that it is impossible, but today you have not one but several options of how you can start dating Filipina girlfriends.

Option number requires a lot of dedication but can double as a fairly adventurous vacation. You can physically travel to the Philippines and try out your luck there. Granted that Filipina chicks have a soft spot for foreign men, especially white men, you are in for one hell of a trip. However, there are also certain difficulties associated with trying to score a Filipin woman this way. While you get to see all your options in real life and be a hundred percent sure that the woman in front of you is not fake, there is still a problem there.

You cannot just go out in the Philippines and assume that every woman you see on the streets is looking for a fiance. Besides, even if they are, the chances of you two sharing all your interests and views on life are pretty slim. That is alright if you are only looking at a short-term casual relationship. However, if you are seeking a woman for marriage, you need to ensure the two of you are as compatible as possible.

This is why the second way of connecting with stunning Filipina ladies is way more effective and efficient. Turning to special online dating websites for help is, by far, the best idea when it comes to dating Filipina women. International online dating websites are extremely popular among ladies from the Philippines. They are well-represented in the international dating community as there are not only a lot of them, but they also come from all corners of the country. The dating pool is genuinely insanely large, which increases your chances of finding your true love.

The only thing you need to be wary of when using online dating services is ensuring you are being safe. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people trying to scam singles seeking love online and get money out of them. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the websites you create an account on, research them well to determine if they are legit or not as well as take the quality of moderation into consideration. The best sites are always the ones that regularly monitor user activity and keep an open eye on all the suspicious cases to promptly solve any issues.

However, we understand how laborious it can be to research hundreds of sites to decide where to complete the signup. That is why we have compiled a list of the best platforms to use to find a Filipina woman to date:

Things To Know When You Date A Filipina Woman

As has already been mentioned in this article, girls from the Philippines are very approachable and easy to be around. However, it does not mean that you can just neglect basic decency and skip the whole wooing stage completely. No! Filipinas care deeply about traditions, so they expect you to behave in a certain way. If you want to be successful at your Filipina dating, you need to make sure you know the answer to the primary question: ‘what do Filipina like?’.

It is essential to remember that the Philippines, no matter how similar in spirit, is still a different culture with its own approach to dating and relationships. So, if you want to impress your woman, you will need a couple of Filipina dating tips. Here is the selection of the most actionable and useful ones:

  1. Be a true gentleman. In a lot of western countries, the concept of a gentleman is no longer relevant as a lot of females want to be independent. However, the tradition is still going strong in the Philippines. Your Filipina woman will expect you to be a true man of honor. When around your woman, you should always watch your language, be polite, look after her, keep good hygiene, and keep your word!
  2. Learn her dialect. While it is more than likely that your Filipina woman will have a decent knowledge of English, it is a nice gesture to learn a bit of her culture through learning her language. It does not have to be perfect. After all, it is the effort that counts. P.S. A tip: say ‘Mahal kita’ to her, and she will be over the moon!
  3. Be generous. While it is nothing more than a mere stereotype that Asian women are after western men because of the prospect of becoming rich and improving their living standards, there is still a certain set of traditions. If you are courting your woman, make sure to spoil her rotten with small yet meaningful gifts: chocolate, flowers, other cute things.
  4. Do not give up on your relationship. It is normal for Filipina girls to play a little hard to get. They do not want to come across as too easy, so they may be a tad reserved at first. Keep trying, and you will get there!

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Date A Filipina Woman

How To Find A Filipina Girl?

There are several ways to connect with a Filipina woman. However, the most effective and effortless one is to reach out to a woman from the Philippines online. There are plenty of dating websites that have a wide range of options to choose from. Just set up a profile and get down to matching.

How To Attract A Filipina Woman?

All you need to do is ask yourself what do Filipina girls like. As soon as you can please her, she will fall for you! But for starters, it is enough to be a gentleman, well-groomed, and smell nice. Trust us, girls (not only Filipinas) notice stuff like that.

Are Filipina Girls Easy?

No! There are a lot of nasty stereotypes going around, but in reality, Filipina ladies are not easy at all!

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