Marrying a Filipina Woman – Important Points & Tips

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If you have decided to marry Filipina girl, it means that you already have someone dear to you. While thinking about arranging a marriage with Filipina beauty, there are various important points that you should consider. Depending on the wedding, you will have to spend some of your funds. Here you will figure out what parts of it are necessary and their average costs, and how to marry a Philippines girl.

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The most impressive part of the wedding is the clothes of the groom and bride. Obviously, a wedding gown costs much more than a suit. You may spend on one dress up to $1000 to satisfy your Filipina wife. However, you should consider not the price but the beauty. If the dress is awesome for your Filipina wife while it is cheap, you can go for it. Suits for men have an average price of $150-$250.

Documents & Visa

In various, how to marry a Filipina woman guides, you will notice the importance of having proper traveling documents. If you plan to visit the Philippines to find a Filipina wife, a simple tourist Visa will be enough. While planning to actually marry a local woman, you will need to stay a bit longer or take her to your homeland. Prices greatly depend on embassies in your country, but it is more about time to get a visa than money.

If you plan to arrange marriage in a Filipina homeland, prices can be lower than in the US or EU countries. However, getting married in the Philippines means getting married according to Filipino law. If your country has different regulations, you should think wise before selecting a place of marriage registration.

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Obligatory Steps After Marriage

To live happily as a family, you should cope with the following documents:

Some of them can be prepared free of charge or by paying small service fees.

Religious Ceremony

While marrying a Philippines girl, there is a great chance that she is Catholic. In such a case, you will need to get married at church. However, it is not a simple ceremony. It also has legislative power. It means that this step is obligatory for Filipina women. Thus, if you are planning to get married in a church, you will also need:

This document can be obtained from the pastor, except the certificate of a single identity. If the bridegroom is Protestant and is to be married in a Catholic Church, you also need a “Dissmissoria”. This paper allows you to get married in a Catholic Church. This is also available from the pastor. The costs of such services always vary. On average, you will need to pay $550-$650 for the ceremony. Prices will be much lower if your future Filipina wife is from a smaller village. However, the interior of such a church may not be impressive.

Floral Arrangements

While preparing Filipina for marriage ceremony, flowers are essential for such occasions. It includes not only bouquets for bridesmaids and your future Filipina wife. The church and venue also should be decorated. As flowers do not live long without water, all preparations are done right before the ceremony. Thus, prices may reach $750.


A lot of people wish to conduct a wedding ceremony in amazing venues. However, it is not always easy to get what you want. In this guide on how to marry a Filipina girl in a wonderful place, you should think about this point in advance. The most convenient and affordable venues are often booked for many months. To get what you want, you should review venues at the beginning of a wedding arrangement. Costs can go up to $1000.

Photos & Video

A wedding ceremony takes a lot of money and effort. Thus, photos and videos allow you and Filipina wife to remember this important event. To higher professional photographers, you may spend up to $1700.


A wedding cannot be held without guests, and they need to eat and drink. The catering price greatly depends on the number of guests. The more visitors you have, the higher price is. You, with Filipina wife, would also like to enjoy tasty dishes.

Wedding Cake

It is difficult to imagine a wedding without a decent cake. It often happens not very tasty when a young couple focuses on the design. However, it is much more satisfying to enjoy a tasty piece of cake. Here you will not pay a lot, and prices range to $500, which can be lower depending on sizes and ingredients. Sweet figures of Filipina wife and you on cake cost additionally.

To Sum Up

Three are always possibilities to arrange a wedding without spending a lot of money. Depending on your preferences, you may arrange a low cost but beautiful ceremony. On average, it can be from $4,000 to $6,000. If you still wonder how to get a Philippine wife, you should consider various Filipina wife finder tools. It includes dating sites and matrimonial services.

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What Documents Does Groom Need?

Can I Get a Permanent Stay Visa After Marriage?

All foreigners who marry a Philippines girl can receive 13A Visa to stay in the countries without worries. You just need to match the requirements, and then the Bureau of Immigration can issue it.

Where to Meet Philippine Women Looking For American Men?

Not every Filipina woman has a rich life. Relationships with a foreigner are an option for them to relocate or get a better life. Therefore, Americans can find Filipino wives online. On the internet, it is easy to find websites focused on finding a wife in the Philippines.

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